About the project

Manga with the unique plot
Featuring the legendary singer Dimash Kudaibergen!

About the project

Manga D'R'S - the official project of the world-famous singer Dimash Kudaibergen developed by a team of professional artists and writers and translated into 8 languages.

The first issue of the manga, called D'R'S will be announced may 24, 2020, on the birthday of the singer and will be a great gift for all fans of the Dimash for this event.

It's a fascinating story and is told in the format of a manga (Japanese black-white comics). As one of the Central characters in the manga himself is Dimash Kudaibergen, and a number of scenes in the story drawn on the grounds of the concerts of the singer. Thus, Dimash Kudaibergen - the first world-class performer having his own manga, with the plot where he appears as a full character!

"We were faced with a difficult task - we wanted to create a story that is interesting in itself, will become an independent artwork with vivid and memorable characters. And Dimash Kudaibergen would act as a full-fledged hero in such a way that the events were interesting to watch and those who are already familiar with his work, and those who have not yet had this opportunity. Every detail of the plot, the atmosphere, the location and all the characters, without exception, written and designed by our team to create the unique world of the Manga D'R'S . the Work which we are happy to present readers with pride."

Over the manga worked the team of world-class artists who are with the attention and love treated the work on the graphics part of the story carefully preserving all the features of traditional Japanese manga.

Work in the style of the manga requires patience and long hard work: a group of our artists have consistently worked on the concepts of the characters, the storyboard and finally the most voluminous part of the page rendering. Each page first is at the stage of drawing on paper, then inking on a graphics tablet and then overlay colors.

From first strokes to final processing page separates around 15-20 hours of work. For many months, our artists have brought to light a striking and original work, the appearance of which no doubt can be considered the result of a great creative team.

The project includes a digital version of manga, the printed books in standard and premium versions as well as additions to the edition: ringtones, stickers for messages, etc. In the future, production of computer and mobile games, a series of accessories based on a manga, figurines and more. Follow our news in social networks and on the official websites of the Dimash!

An interesting feature of the Manga D'R'S is also the fact that we manga creators used the image of the painting ""Mona 1.618","which actually exists and exhibited at the Ripleys Amsterdam Museum in the city centre of Amsterdam. Additional picture can be viewed on the website www.neobell.info.

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